Getting started

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    Take a look at our APIs to see what choices are available. Is there an API you can exploit in one of your applications? Use the supplied APIs to quickly construct a fully featured application.

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  2. Sign Up

    Found an API? Sign up now to create an account and get started. It is free to join.

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  3. Register an application

    Before you can use an API you have to register your application. When you register an application, the application is assigned a unique client ID and client secret. You must use the client ID when you call an API that requires you to identify your application by using a client ID, or a client ID and client secret. Check the API description for the details.

  4. Select a plan

    Now that your application is registered, you need to subscribe to a plan. The plan determines the number of API calls that your application can make. Some plans are free and no approval is required, some require approval, and some require approval and a monthly subscription. Think about what you need and choose the most suitable plan.

  5. Create a sandbox

    Since you selected a plan you will be able to invoke APIS, but first you need to create a new sandbox.
    All products have details about how to create a new sandbox.

  6. Invoke APIS

    There are multiple ways to invoke APIS.

    Using developers portal
    Any other tool or custom application

    A list of users has been created to simulate multiple users as shown below. User must use the users as described below in order to authenticate via the OAuth2 flow as well to create consents, access accounts and initiate payments.

    Username Password Accounts
    user1 user1
    Resource ID: 010005251023 IBAN: GR2005610010000010005251023
    Resource ID: 010005251031 IBAN: GR9505610010000010005251031
    Resource ID: 010005250019 IBAN: GR6505610010000010005250019
    Resource ID: 010077050038 IBAN: GR0705601020000010077050038

    Resource ID: 010641250029 IBAN: GR7305601020000010641250029

    user2 user2
    Resource ID: 010005251015 IBAN: GR8505601030000010005251015
    Resource ID: 010301650014 IBAN: GR7005601030000010301650014
    Resource ID: 010062050034 IBAN: GR2105610010000010062050034
    Resource ID: 010305220022 IBAN: GR6905610010000010305220022

    Resource ID: 010475550019 IBAN: GR2405610010000010475550019

    user3 user3
    Resource ID: 010511450034 IBAN: GR5505610010000010511450034
    Resource ID: 010062850022 IBAN: GR1405610010000010062850022
    Resource ID: 010684050015 IBAN: GR5705601020000010684050015
    Resource ID: 010407350028 IBAN: GR8705610010000010407350028

    Resource ID: 010407550027 IBAN: GR0705610010000010407550027

    user4 user4
    Resource ID: 010035450047 IBAN: GR3005610010000010035450047
    Resource ID: 900011060022 IBAN: GR4405610010000900011060022
    Resource ID: 010344152026 IBAN: GR3205610010000010344152026
    Resource ID: 010409350025 IBAN: GR3905601020000010409350025

    Resource ID: 010140605013 IBAN: GR3105610010000010140605013

    user5 user5
    Resource ID: 010775050034 IBAN: GR3805601020000010775050034
    Resource ID: 010342252023 IBAN: GR1405610010000010342252023
    Resource ID: 010775751067 IBAN: GR4805601020000010775751067
    Resource ID: 010369450021 IBAN: GR0805601020000010369450021

    Resource ID: 010345152011 IBAN: GR9605610010000010345152011

    After authenticating using the above username and password, an OTP code is required in order to complete the OAuth2 flow as well the SCA process which is required when creating a new consent or a payment initiation is made.

    The OTP code is 123456

    The Sandbox data are static, therefore after a payment initiation is made, that transaction is not stored and the balance is not reduced.